After previous surgeries, I had little luck with the follow-up rehabilitation. Then, after my most recent spinal operation I was introduced to Jimmy Biga through Pinnacle Orthopedics and the results have been amazing. When Jimmy began my twice-weekly therapy sessions, I was indeed in critical need of help. I was unable to walk, do most “normal” activities and was confined to a wheelchair. Now, I am able to walk with a cane, do my household chores and am gradually weaning myself from the cane altogether. The doctors and I all totally agree that my "miracle" is happening and my future is bright.

I completely recommend Jimmy Biga to anyone; he has proven to be a true "life changer".

November 2007
10 Life Lessons – Courtesy of Jimmy Biga

1. Accept your therapist as your teacher and your friend.

2. Exercise according to his directions.

3. Set a goal for yourself which you want to achieve.

4. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand such as directions and diagrams.

5. Be flexible with your schedule and the schedule of the therapist.

6. Accept new challenges in your workouts.

7. Absorb what you are told about what you should eat and drink…..and do it!

8. Share your therapist with your neighbors. (Mine even made special trips to the hallway just to see Jimmy.)

9. Let your sense of humor shine and share it with your therapist.

10. Be grateful for the opportunity you have to work with Jimmy Biga. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself."
December 2007

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